Born as an allround creative, I’ve spent many years developing all kinds of creativity. From illustrating, lino-cutting, knitting to drawing on paper as well as on the computer.

After some time of reflection I started my journey with clay and ceramics. The predilection for ash glaze came after an intensive stay in Portugal, where I worked for half a year on a farm in the permaculture garden. With the rooting in the earth, the urge came again to be surrounded with all elements of nature. And the clay as a raw material, a primal product.

At first I wanted to literally depict the natural aspect in the pieces. That is why the early work is characterised by natural details, such as fungi or coral. Afterwards, the love for ashes returned. The element fire reduces the wood to something that you can use in the glazes.

Fall in love with as many things as possible

My mission is to take the ashes from special occasions and incorporate them into the piece as a memory. It also has symbolic value and goes back to the essence of the whole. Nature and all its elements incorporated in one piece.

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